Cristiano Ronaldo sets a new record at Euro 2020

Along with Portugal’s win against Hungary in Euro 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo also managed to create history in this match. He is now the highest goal scorer in European Championship Finals. Before Euro 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo and Michel Platini both held nine goals under their name in the Euro Cup. However, at around 87 minutes in the match against Hungary, Ronaldo scored a penalty goal that put him ahead of Platini. In the stoppage time, he scored yet another goal after this. This one was Cristiano Ronaldo’s 160th international goal so far.

This match turned out to be a 3-0 win for Portugal. However, Portugal and Hungary remained in deadlock till the 84th minute, with neither side scoring a goal. This changed when Raphaël Guerreiro scored a goal for Portugal with his deflected shot. The remaining two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo came soon after, within the next eight minutes.

Scoring the goals were not the only records that Cristiano Ronaldo created in this match. He also became the first man who has played in five European Championships finals. He played his first one back in 2004. Ronaldo stated that the match was tough, with Hungary defending very well. However, winning was a priority, and they managed to achieve it. Ronaldo also expressed his gratitude towards his team for helping him score the two goals.

Ronaldo is now only four goals away from becoming the all-time top goalscorer in men’s international matches. Currently, Iranian footballer Ali Daei holds this record. Despite their defeat, the Hungarian fans enjoyed a brief moment of celebration during the match.

Puskas Arena in Budapest, the stadium where this match took place, was the only venue in the Euro Cup 2020 this year that received an allowance for full stadium attendance. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic had begun, full stadiums were a rare sight. However, it was different for this match due to the relaxation of the social distancing norms by the local authorities.

To attend the match at the stadium, the viewers had to meet certain requirements. At the same time, the foreign visitors needed to possess proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. The Hungarian residents had to carry their evidence of immunity. Szabolcs Schon had carried out an excellent counterattack and scored a goal. However, it quite correctly turned out to be an offside, due to which Hungary remained at zero goals. This incident seems to have spurred the Portuguese team on to break the deadlock and earn the first goal of the match.

Ronaldo’s performance in this match has certainly been superb. His penalty goal effectively doubled the lead that his team had scored. His second goal was evidence of teamwork on the part of Portugal. Scoring this goal, he doubled his tally in this match. In the game between France and Germany, France won with German defender Mats Hummels shooting the ball into their net. In the next group match, Portugal would be playing against Germany while Hungary faces France.

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