Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker reveals that her channel has been censoring stories

Ivory Hecker, a Houston-based TV reporter has come out openly about her channel censoring the stories. Hecker works for Fox 26 KRIV and has revealed that her channel has been muzzling her on stories regarding Bitcoin and the reports that show doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19. She also mentioned facing censorship on matters of race in the stories.

As an evidence for her claims, Ivory Hecker secretly recorded a video and released it with the help of Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe. Project Veritas holds a track record of exposing secret records of media executives who say things, that according to James O’Keefe, are a bias against conservatives.

During a broadcast on KRIV, Hecker announced on air that the parent company of her channel has been preventing her and other reporters from presenting all the news to the audience. She also mentioned the video she had recorded and told the viewers to stay tuned to Project Veritas to watch the video.

The video shows an assistant news director at KRIV named Lee Meier saying that he has passed on Bitcoin stories and will likely not play. He further went on to mention that it is an editorial choice that he is making. James O’Keefe responded to this part of the video by mentioning that Lee Meier’s statement seems racially charged. Hecker noted that she feels horrified by how low her channel has stooped and wishes to leave the business. Another part of the video shows Lee Meier saying that it is not simply about what the audience reads. Instead, it is also about what the CEO and the GM of the channel read.

The video also shows Susan Schiller, the vice president, and news director of KRIV, telling Hecker that she has failed as a reporter by posting about hydroxychloroquine. This is about a story where her channel has sent Hecker to a hospital to treat the COVID-19 patients. In the video, Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of critical care at the hospital, mentioned that they have been using hydroxychloroquine to treat the patients. He stated that despite the drug undergoing heavy politicization, they had used it to treat patients with great success.

However, Susan Schiller told Hecker that she needs to refrain from posting about hydroxychloroquine. Schiller points out a study by New England Journal of Medicine that belittles the use of hydroxychloroquine. However, Hecker held firm to her point and even responded that she has already read it. In fact, it is the study that made Hecker feel that the remarks by the doctors at the hospital are even more newsworthy.

Hecker revealed that back in December, she received a call to an HR meeting. They told her to keep her opposition for censorship and her feelings for free speech to herself. According to her, Fox Corp, the parent company, is acting deceptively to promote corporate interest instead of looking after the viewers’ interest.

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