Hummels made a mistake which proved to be a big win for France

France stood out over Germany with the performance from the opening round of the Euro 2020 games. However, with a 20th-minute goal of Mats Hummels, the game changed its route.

Players Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe missed all their early chances while Didier Deschamp started his game on the front foot. However, France’s pressure paid off after Paul Pogba found Lucas Hernandez and the man’s cross of Bayern Munich was drawn into his net by Hummels.

Germany, on the other hand, did not roll over to their credit. Chances fell to Ilkay Gundogan and Serge Gnabry in particular. They were not taken, and Joachim Low’s men tried their best for their opponents to be unsuccessful.

France thought twice that they had made their lead double, but the offside flag twice frustrated Mbappe and Karim Benzema. Mbappe specifically denied what would have gone on to be a great goal.

A single goal decided the key moment in the game. Hummels made a big mess by making clearance into his net. This stood out to be a turning point in the game.

France had already edged the game in terms of their possession. Neither of the opponents created very distinct clear-cut chances, but Hummels’ huge mistake made a big change and proved to be a deciding factor.

Paul Pogba was in his fine form with the full range of his skills and ability on display as it usually is for his country.

The class of the midfielder of Manchester United was noticeably early on. He made a pass to Hernandez who made the opening goal in the match. Although he has won a few duels, Toni Kroos was left chasing Paul Pogba’s shadow for a long time of the night as the Frenchman dotted around the Allianz Arena as if that was his playground.

Low must decide whether to stick or change 3-4-3. Germany by now had created many chances for themselves to win the match, but unfortunately, they just were not taken. Werner is by no chance a clinical forward, but only his presence in the game from the beginning against Portugal alone might add a more significant attacking threat.

France, meanwhile, can take advantage and confidence by knowing that they got a result without having to get into the top gear. Unfortunately, although the individuals had a good game, it was very far from the standard that his French side could have produced.

“We all made an effort; this win of ours is for everyone, not only those who were on the pitch,” Paul Pogba said. “Everyone has been talking about the Euros, favorites or not the favorite ones, groups of death…we are focused on what has to be done on the pitch.”

Deschamps added, “ We played a good game against perfect opponents. I knew my players would be ready, and we were up for the fight.”

France, when they score first, tends to get a good result. They had only lost once at the European Championship when they scored first at Euro 2000 when Holland defeated them.

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