Metroid Dread all set for Launch on 8th October

Nintendo Direct E3 2021 saw the Launch of eight new games, and the one that has been garnering all the attention is none other than Metroid Dread. The new entrant in the Metroid Series: Metroid Dread, was first revealed as a title in 2005 in the list of key Nintendo DS games to be announced in future, and since then, it has been a long wait for the fans of Metroid Series.

Yoshio Sakamoto, a well-known face of Nintendo and the Metroid Series creator, in a post-presentation interview, was heard talking about the development phase of the new game and was all smiles declaring the release of the game, which is set to launch on 8th October this year. This is after a gap of 19 years since the last title in the series came out.

‘Continuing the saga that began in 1986 with Metroid and continued through Metroid II, Super Metroid, and Metroid Fusion, this is the first new story and first new episode for the series in 19 years, he exclaimed with excitement, and the fans haven’t been able to contain their excitement either since the announcement of the new title.

The game now already has a dedicated Wikipedia page and a website and is also available for Pre-Order for a price of 59.99 dollars on the official Nintendo website for Nintendo Switch.

Samus, the lead protagonist of the Metroid series, will continue her story after the events of the Metroid Fusion game when she descends upon planet ZDR to investigate a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation. The remote planet has become overrun by vicious alien life forms. The developers have promised a more agile and ever-capable character and smoother gameplay with chilling mechanical menaces.

In the trailer, which was launched along with the announcement, Samus was seen fighting a giant white robot that will chase her throughout the levels, and if you are new to the Metroid series, you might feel like that the idea has been taken from Temple Run where you try to run from beasts but oh (Nintendo Game) boy you are wrong because it is a direct sequel to the Metroid Fusion (2002) which was released on Game Boy Advanced. We already gave you a hint.

However, the new game play looked similar to the 3DS game Metroid: Samus Returns, retaining the side-scrolling orientation, and while it is being released on a 2D platform, it looks to have a lot of 3D sequences as well.

The new features revealed for the character include an invisibility cloak, an optical camouflage, Phantom Cloak to render herself invisible to avoid detection. She will also be able to slide through narrow passages, and another armory in the loadout is Spider Magnet which will allow her to climb up certain walls and ceilings.

The developers have made sure that even those who are unaware of the Metroid series will be easily able to catch up on the story with the added prologue in the new game, but with 17.44 million copies sold worldwide of the series, we doubt some people are unaware.

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