Chinese apps on the verge of facing bans under Joe Biden orders

Just like India, Joe Biden is also concerned about the privacy of American’s sensitive data. In order to provide protection, Joe Biden may ban Chinese apps and take steps forward to protect the private information of people. This can push some Chinese apps to make the private information of the people more secured if they want to stay in the US market.

The main goal is to keep China and Russia away from gaining a large amount the crucial data and business information. The US Department of Commerce is taking steps to use subpoenas to collect information about certain tablets, desktop computer software applications, and smartphones.

But Biden took a decision on June 9 in order to replace Donald Trump’s bans against some Chinese apps such as WeChat and bytedance Ltd’s TikTok. And they were on a halt in US courts. The US officials share their concern related to banning TikTok as they fear it can track the location of US government employees, collect information, and blackmail the corporate employees.

This new order doesn’t name any companies, so it can capture more apps than Donald Trump’s bans and present a better challenge in the court. Biden administration seeking help from other countries to implement the order. The US officials are also speaking with their allies about adopting this approach, as they are hoping the partner countries will agree on the apps ban.

US commerce secretary Gina to decide which apps should be on the ban list, but the app needs to meet certain criteria. Such as, the owner of the app must be a person or entity that supports the military or intelligence activities in China or Russia.

TIKTOK and WeChat still in doubt

If Gina decides if the app is causing major risk, then she has the right to notify the parties.  She can do it directly or publish the information in the daily publication. After that, the companies have to take action in 30 days to provide better security. WeChat, TikTok, and other apps that were on the list of Donald Trump’s bans are eligible for review.

In Donald Trump’s bans list, other apps include ant group’s alipay mobile payment app, Tencent holdings Ltd’s qq wallet, CamScanner, Tencent QQ, shareit, VMate. Some of these apps can create a major problem for the US government.  The order will also apply to banking apps, business apps, telecommunication, and consumer apps.

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