Joe Biden achieves a milestone with 300 million vaccine shots in 150 days

President Joe Biden celebrates a small victory on Friday for bringing the covid-19 pandemic under control. He says that 300 million vaccine shots have been given in the last 150 days since he joined office.

Joe Biden praises the companies, scientists, and the people of America for making this possible. The president also says the vaccine vaccination campaign is successful, and there is a chance to enjoy a normal summer as businesses reopen and employees hire. Joe Biden added, “We are making progress, and hopefully heading into a better and different summer compared to last year.”

Joe may fail to achieve another milestone

As Joe Biden achieves this milestone, but he can fail to meet another milestone. Joe wanted to provide at least one dose of vaccine to 70% of American adults by 4th July, but it will be over in just two weeks. Till now, 65.1% of the US population 18 years or above, that is, 168 million adults, have received one dose of covid-19 vaccine on Friday, according to the data of disease control and prevention.

According to data, the pace slows down due to the lower number of vaccinations that is nearly 2millom per day from the last two months, and this ruined Biden’s plant to hit 70%.

To push the drive of the vaccination process, the vice president of the US, Kamala Harris, traveled to Atlanta on Friday to open the covid-19 vaccination center at Ebenezer church. Harris had a conversation about boosting the vaccination drive at Clark Atlanta University, a black school. She told the students, “They have the ability to end this pandemic” by giving people information about various resources such as free car rides, child care, and all.

In Fulton County, 49% of the people have taken the 1st dose of the vaccine, and statewide it is only 42%. Harris said the vaccine would help them to create a powerful community, and it will also build the power of the country. Biden administration says even with a 70% milestone, and it will have little effect on the recovery. The main goal of Biden is to celebrate Independence Day free from the coronavirus.

All countries are trying to speed up the vaccination process, as it is the only way to fight against the coronavirus. The new variant of the virus is a major problem for the countries, and lockdown can be only a temporary solution, but the vaccine is the one permanent solution to beat this virus.

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