Ten Tesla car death since 2016 is a concern for US safety

On Thursday, the auto safety regulators of the United States has opened 30 investigations for the Tesla accident. It includes ten deaths since 2016 where the advanced technology for driver-assistance was suspected on use. NHTSA (National highway safety administration) released a list that offers a list of accidents under review by special crash investigation programs.

The agency is investigating Tesla car technology, but they haven’t investigated the involvement of the autopilot system of Tesla cars.  Out of 39 Tesla car accidents, NHTSA has published reports on two crashes. Tesla didn’t respond to this matter immediately.

Previously NHTSA told it had reviewed 28 crash investigations in Tesla cars, with 24 pending crashes. The spreadsheet highlights an accident where autopilot mode was used. The autopilot system in the Tesla car handles driving tasks, was responsible for three fatal Tesla car accidents since 2016.  The national transportation safety board has criticized Tesla’s lack of a system for autopilot mode that allows the drivers to keep their hands off.

Tesla’s autopilot system is in trouble

The spreadsheet highlights NHTSA has reviewed eight investigations since March on the Tesla accident. This investigation got new attention after an accident on April 17 taxes. On this day, the Tesla car crash killed two men in Texas, in which the police confirmed no one was using the wheel. The national transportation safety board suggested testing if Tesla’s autopilot mode was available on the road where the accident took place.

On Wednesday, the Senate commerce committee chair Maria Cantwell said every week they hear about a new vehicle accident while it was on autopilot mode. NHTSA has not conducted any new tests after last month as the new model of Tesla that is Tesla model 3 and model Y, added four new safety features. The agency said they had not yet finalized the list for the testing of vehicles in 2022.

The spreadsheet shows NHTSA has reviewed six investigations involving the autopilot system. Including two Cadillac vehicles in which there was no sign of injuries. Out of the other four, two of them were involved in a 2012 Lexus RX45H and 2017 Navy’s Arm in which there was also no sign of injuries. And other remaining two cases involved 2027 Volvo XC90 vehicles, involving UBER technology autopilot vehicle that killed a woman in 2018 in Arizona.  Safety investigation found out that UBER made many changes that led to the car crash and deactivated the auto-braking system in the Volvo XC90 vehicle.

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