The US Will Respond if China Does Not Live Up to International Obligations

On June 20, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, said that the US, in consultations with its allies and friends, will consider giving a response against China if it is found that Beijing is not living up to its international obligations on coronavirus origin and its transmission. Sullivan said they are not going to issue any threat or ultimatum at this point but are going to continue support of rallies in the international community.

There are majorly two tracks in which the administration of Biden is trying to find out the bottom of Covid-19 origins in the world. Mr. Sullivan said that one track is the intelligence community assessment with a 90-day clock on it. By August 2021, the intelligence community will give the report. The second track is the international investigation by the WHO, and for this, President Biden rallied Democratic partners to say that China’s necessary data about the coronavirus should be accessed. According to Sullivan, the administration is utilizing its capacities and capabilities to bring a clearer picture. They will take diplomatic spadework for putting additional pressure on China over the issue.

Reiterating that the United States is not going to accept the no of China, he said. They will work to have a strong consensus in the international community during the second phase of the WHO investigation and will give their best to deal with China.

Origins of Covid-19

The origin of the coronavirus is a widely debated topic. As per some scientists and politicians, there is a possibility that the deadly virus got leaked from a lab. WIV or Wuhan Institute of Virology in China is near the known epicenter of the outbreak, which is the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. In the area, the virus first emergent in the year 2019 and became a global pandemic. Over 78 million confirmed cases and 3.86 million deaths are reported worldwide.

Raw data and access to various sites ais withheld by China, and the country is accused of restricting the deeper investigation of the virus origin and its transmission. Scientists believe that the virus may have passed from animals to human beings, but there is also a possibility that it escaped from the WIV, which investigates other coronaviruses. In May 2021, Biden directed the intelligence agencies of the country to report within the next three months whether the virus originated from an animal or through a laboratory accident.

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