WHO declares an end to Ebola in Guinea!

Ebola outbreak emerged in February and killed 12 people in guinea, but now the world health organization had declared an end to the Ebola outbreak in guinea. The Ebola outbreak in 2014 was deadly, and it took 11,300 lives in West Africa. Ebola had originated from the same region before spreading to Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Guinea’s latest outbreak was on 14th February, after 3 cases reported in Goecke, a rural place. But now it has no trace. Who director-general says he is very grateful to the government, the people, health workers, and everyone for to fight against Ebola.

Great news for Guinea

Based on the lessons from the 2014-2016 outbreak, guinea managed to control the outbreak and prevent the further spread of this virus.  Huge efforts from the government, community engagement, the use of vaccines, and effective health measures helped guinea fight against the virus.

The regional director of the world health organization for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, says that the lessons from the previous outbreak helped guinea to control the Ebola outbreak, and the virus didn’t do much harm. But the people must be careful about further our Ebola outbreak. The regional director also says they are getting smarter, better, and faster against Ebola. But after this outbreak is over, they must be careful about other health threats such as covid-19.

World health organization help to ship more than 24,000 Ebola vaccine, and it helps 11,000 people in that region and more than 2800 Frontline health workers in that region. According to investigations, a nurse from a local health facility lost her life on 28th January 2021, and six people who attended the funeral reported Ebola symptoms as guinea was one of the most affected regions in the 2014 Ebola outbreak, so it was a huge concern for the people.

However, the last expertise to deal with the situation came in handy. Now guinea is moving forward to a better tomorrow with no trace of the Ebola virus. The world health organization is helping people with testing, treatment, and contact tracking to bring the process to full speed.

As the new variant of the covid-19 virus starting to spread among all countries, this news is a big relief for the world. All the countries are still suffering from this virus, and in some regions, the situation is out of control. WHO expects people to learn from past lessons to fight against the covid-19 outbreak, just like guinea did again Ebola.

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