Evidence on UFOs is Inconclusive as Per US Intelligence Report

The US government said that it has no specific explanation for multiple unidentified flying objects witnessed by military pilots. On June 25, a Pentagon report says over 144 reports are made about this phenomenon since 2004, but every report remains unexplained. The Pentagon established an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to look into the reports. The task force work was to identify, analyze, and catalog all these events and provide insights into UFO’s origins and nature.

The interim report on June 25 said many of the 144 UFO sightings are of unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP. In 143 of the cases, they lack enough information in the US dataset to conclude all the incidents by giving a specific explanation. It said that UAP probably has no single explanation. The UFO sightings could be some technologies from other nations like Russia or China. It could also be atmospheric phenomena such as ice crystals that are registered on radar systems. The report also suggested these sightings could be attributable to developments and programs by the US entities.

After observing from different angles, eighteen of those appeared to show unusual movements that surprised everyone who witnessed them. It remained stationary at high altitudes in strong winds without any propulsion. Only one case they were able to identify with extreme confidence is that it is a large as well as a deflating balloon. The report also added that the UAP can be a danger to flight safety and can become a challenge to US national security. The task force is now searching for better methods to increase the collection of reports and get as much information as possible.

Video of UFO sightings

The Department of Defense of the US unveiled several videos of the UAPs in the year 2020. The US Navy filmed all the videos. In May 2021, a news channel telecasted two former Navy Pilot discussions on witnessing the objects in the Pacific Ocean. It appeared as if it mirrored their movements. One of the pilots described it as the object was having an oblong shape and referred to it as Tic-Tac looking object.

The pilots also revealed that the objects were traveling faster and erratically. They could not predict how it was moving or going to turn. Also, they could not comprehend the way it was maneuvering. They even could not identify the propulsion system of the objects, which was conveyed by the former Navy pilot Alex Dietrich.

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