Netflix Allows Android Users to Stream Partially Downloaded Content

Netflix on June 28 announced a new and special feature for its subscribers that will allow them to view video content from shows or movies before completing the download on the app. The download feature in the popular streaming service app currently enables users to download content on their device and watch it even without internet access or connectivity that is not good for streaming videos.

However, until now, the Netflix subscribers were not able to access content that was marked for download and were only able to view after completion of the download. If users start downloading a movie or a show, they have to wait until the content is 100 percent downloaded. But now, with the new feature, customers can enjoy the video even if the content is partially downloaded. This will enrich the user experience.

Partial Downloading Available on Android Phones

Netflix has said in a blog post that the users can watch the Mitchells vs. the Machines or any other series even without completing the download. Once users have regained a robust internet connection, they can finish the download and continue watching while avoiding the surprising notices about exceeding their data limits. Netflix always wanted to make everything easier for its subscribers and access the best content regardless of their devices, location, language, or connectivity. Therefore, partial downloading is presently available on Android Phones as well as tablets. Netflix will be testing on iOS devices in the upcoming months.

The blog post also said that it is Netflix’s major and recent improvement for now. The new feature comes in handy in many scenarios. If a user has uneven internet connectivity and wants to watch a movie by downloading, then they can begin the download to prevent buffering and check if it is something they want to continue watching. The users can continue downloading after watching or can cancel it as per their desire. This feature is also helpful if one manages to download a part of a video and wants to watch some of it.

Unlike few features of Netflix that arrived first on iOS and then proceeded the way towards Android, like Fast Laughs and Smart Downloads features, the new feature announcement was only for Android users. The support for watching partially downloaded content is only available for Android devices, but Netflix has said it will make the feature available for iOS users in few months.

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