Google Pay to Store Covid-19 Vaccine Information

Google has made certain updates in the Passes API to allow a secure medium to store the Covid-19 vaccination card of people and to test the status on the Android smartphone of the users. It is marking yet another way of helping authorities to fight against the harsh covid-19 pandemic. The updates in Passes API enables third-party developers to make boarding passes, digital tickers, loyalty cards, and many more, which will benefit the users in saving the information to Google Pay for easy access. Due to the Passes API, it is now possible to access the loyalty cards, and boarding passes all in the Google Pay app.

Users can now easily and quickly board a flight or continue with their subscriptions without any hassle. Now that the Passes API is updated, the developers from government agencies, healthcare organizations can integrate the digital Covid-19 vaccine card or testing information of their users into the Google Pay application. The digital vaccination card of Covid-19 or test report can then be collected from the owner’s smartphone and represented to relevant authorities who may need to view it.

Android Device with Google Play Certification Can Store Vaccination Info

Anyone having a device running with Android 5 or higher version, as long as the device is Google Play certified, will be able to digitally store the Covid-19 vaccination information. People with such Android devices can also test their status on the device. Google said in a blog post that the new feature would roll out in the US first, then it will be followed by other countries.

Google states that the API stores a digital certificate of vaccination on the smartphone, which is not at all uploaded to the cloud. This ensures the privacy of the medical information of the users. After the information is stored on the device, the card can then be accessed by the owner from the home screen, even if there is a weak internet connection or the device is offline. People can store it on several devices, and the information stored will not be shared or used for advertisements. Moreover, a lock-screen is required to store the card to protect the user’s information. Users will not require to install the Google Pay app for accessing their Covid-19 vaccination cards as the Passes API is handled through Google Play which is already installed on all phones with Google Mobile Services.

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