Instagram Will Become a Video and Entertainment Platform

The chief of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has posted a video on his Twitter account which shows that the company is focusing on bringing several new video-based features to the platform. He also added that Instagram would emphasize creators, shopping, video, messaging, and more. In his video, he clearly stated that Instagram would no longer be a simple photo-sharing app. He expressed that the top reason for people using Instagram is to get some entertainment through the platform. So, the company is planning to incline more towards the trend.

Mosseri also acknowledged that today’s world has been full of competition and most of the competition in the space is from YouTube, TikTok, and several others. He has confirmed that the platform is soon going to start showing certain content in feeds that the users might not be following. The company has already begun testing this feature. Topics will let people decide the content they want to view more and can also follow on the platform. According to Mosseri, Instagram will also emphasize full-screen facility and immersive mobile-first video.

Instagram is also said to focus on a new feature named Exclusive Stories, as the recent reports suggest. This new feature will benefit the users to access the stories of their favorite creators. But the feature may only be available to those who have taken the paid subscriptions, and the feature will permit the access of stories of creators only to fans.

Many Exclusive Stories have been revealed by several screenshots, and Instagram has also confirmed the existence of this upcoming feature. The new feature is currently in the development phase and requires testing.

Providing Support to Creators on the Platform

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced that the company is going to release numerous new features, including some special features to provide creators support and create the scope of monetization on the platform. Alessandro Paluzzi, the software developer, has shared screenshots on Twitter about the new feature and gave certain insights.

In the screenshots, it was clear that when a creator will post a story meant for fans, and all these stories will be displayed with a purple icon. These stories will be accessible only to the paid users. A creator can also have the option to save these exclusive stories as the highlight. The upcoming new feature seems to be the same as Twitter’s Super Follow and other sites like Patreon features.

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