Google Calendar Adds New RSVP Options for Attending Events Virtually

Many organizations, be it small or large, are trying to find ways for incorporating a hybrid work future in which working from home will be common. This phenomenon is beginning to come into reality. For accommodating such hybrid workplaces, Google is planning to maximize the RSVP options in the upcoming weeks. It will allow users to say whether they want to attend an event virtually or not in the Google Calendar invites.

The RSVP options will allow the virtual attendees to specify their status by using the drop-down menu. The guests and the host in the event details will be able to view the specifications that the virtual attendees have given. Google expects that listing the way people want to attend an event will aid organizers in knowing what to expect. It will presumably accommodate the people who will not physically be present in the room. The new options are now only limited to invites in Google Calendar. However, Google is planning to bring the options to invites in Gmail as well in the upcoming times.

People who use iCal or Outlook as the primary calendar application will not be able to see the new features. Google said that the RSVP options are only for Google Calendar. Google also has a vision for making Workspace more fluid and making it an interoperable space for better productivity to happen. It is planning to connect many of its products together, like allowing Meet video calls to be placed next to the Google Doc. It will let users tag someone with @ and accommodate a flexible work schedule with custom notifications and statuses.

The New Options in Google Calendar Invitation

Google shared the update details in the Google Workspace blog, where it mentioned the new feature that will appear in Google Calendar invitations. The meeting invitation will allow users to select whether they want to attend the meeting virtually or want to attend in the meeting room. After rolling out the new feature, attendees will be able to specify the way they are going to join a meeting. Such a feature will help others to know how one will be attending the meeting. The feature adds a new drop-down menu which will be visible when one presses the Yes button of the Google Calendar invitation.

The drop-down menu includes two new options. One is Yes in a meeting room, and another one is Yes, joining virtually. If one opts for attending the meeting physically in the meeting room, then there will be a door icon visible near the user’s name on the invitations. If one selects to join the meeting virtually, then a video camera icon will appear near the user’s name. However, users on other platforms such as Microsoft Outlook will not be able to view the joining details. The feature will gradually roll out to the Rapid Release domain starting from July 8, 2021, and then it will begin the launch to the Scheduled Release domain starting from July 22, 2021.

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