A person from International Olympic Association tests Covid Positive in Tokyo

On Sunday, a South Korean member of the international Olympics committee tested positive for deadly coronavirus at Tokyo Olympics. As a result, the Olympics Games got postponed for a year due to outrage in 2020. Japan was facing a tough time, and the positive cases were rising by 50,000 cases daily.

The Olympics Games will start on Friday. Also, RYU SEUNG MIN, a former Olympics gold medallist, has been tested positive for the coronavirus. He was detected to be positive as soon as he arrived in Japan. One thing is very clear from above that the Japanese government had left no nail in the coffin in following all the Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of the players. The spokesperson of the IOC committee said that RYU SEUNG MIN had been isolated from everyone. Also, he will stay there until the Japanese authorities give him a green signal that he has been tested negative and can leave his room.

The spokesperson added that all the members who will participate in the Olympics Games are either vaccinated or immune against the coronavirus. However, there was a mandatory guideline to the players and members of the international Olympics committee participating in the events. They should be vaccinated or carry the doctor’s report in which it should state in clear words that this particular player is safe from every type of risk and will pose no threat to other players.

On Sunday, it was revealed by the international Olympics committer that the present case came to notice after two persons were found positive on the very first day when they entered Japan. Furthermore, after the former gold medallist, a member of their escort team was also found positively affected by a deadly coronavirus. However, the spokesperson said on Sunday that he is very much relieved from these facts that all the safety protocols are functioning correctly, and due to that, there is no threat to other players present there.

Also, it raised fear among all the players and officials who have come from different regions of the world. Furthermore, these cases have raised doubt on the statement of the chairman of the international Olympics committee about the promises of a safe and secure event. Therefore, meetings are conducted to enhance the safety protocols further to ensure the safety of every person present right now at the Olympics village.

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