Pegasus of NSO Can Hack Apple iPhones.

The new Pegasus hacking incident on activists and journalists revealed that any smartphone could be hacked easily. While the iOS of Apple boasts for giving better privacy and security over Android phones, the Pegasus spyware is overwhelming for all user devices. Pegasus can collect call records, emails, user passwords, videos, pictures, etc. Therefore, government agencies across 40 nations are paying a huge amount to set up the IT infrastructure for Spyware to function.

It may be disappointing for iPhone users to know that even after paying so much money, it is still hackable. In the official statement, Apple said that the attacks described in the reports are quite well-funded and targeted to specific individuals. The company added that they are taking it seriously and are working to make it unusable. The Spyware does not represent a big threat for the majority of the users, said Apple.

If governments utilize the IT force to snoop on the consumers, then there are fewer tech companies that can protect the privacy of users. For the Apple and NSO Group, it has been a mouse and cat game. Whenever Apple patches vulnerability, NSO Group discovers another weakness for snooping by using Pegasus.

Cybersecurity is a Process

Apple claims that it has a secure consumer platform, and like other industries, it views cybersecurity as a process. The company said that they are rapidly addressing critical vulnerabilities and providing security updates. These updates are available to the customers immediately, even on devices that are several years old.

Recently Apple has introduced new security features inside its chipsets, such as the BlastDoor capabilities and Pointer Authentication Codes in its software. The company added that its continuous investment in security had grown significantly. It has grown 4x in the past five years. The security team is comprised of several top experts in the domain ranging from offensive security researchers and intelligence specialists to platform defense engineers, it added.

The head of security Engineering of Apple, Ivan Krstić, said that Apple condemns the cyber-attack against human rights activities and journalists. Security researchers also agree that iPhone is the safest one out there in terms of security. Attacks like the ones that happened are highly sophisticated and can be a very high price to develop. These attacks often have a shorter shelf life and target specific individuals. He added that the company is constantly working to defend its customers and add new protection for data.

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