Google Will Be Shutting Down Google Bookmarks on September 30

Google Bookmarks will shut down completely on September 30. The Google Bookmarks website has put on a banner that displays that Google will no longer support the service after the mentioned date. Since the service was introduced in 2005, not many users accessed this service. Google has mentioned that starred locations and browser bookmarks of the users will not be affected on Google Maps after the Google Bookmarks get shut down. All the bookmarks can be saved externally in case it is needed.

The discontinuation of service was shared by Google. After visiting the bookmarks website, Google showed a message stating that after September 30, 2021, it will no longer be supported. It has been mentioned that the users can save all their bookmarks by selecting the Export Bookmarks option. Also, it heads users to view whether all the bookmarks are saved or not.

The Bookmarks service was quite advanced for that time when it was introduced. It has cloud storage for users to save all their bookmarks with notes and labels. These bookmarks helped in searching and sorting data which eventually saved consumer’s time. In addition, there was a JavaScript-powered bookmarklet that enabled users to save bookmarks from a browser in a quicker and easier way.

If users search a lot of data on the Google Bookmarks site that they have not saved, then it is possible that the data got stored by a Maps app. Google may have been synchronizing or storing the Google Maps data on the website. Only starred locations from Google Maps have got stored on the website. The Maps data of the users will not be lost as the spokesperson of Google confirmed that starred locations present in the Google Maps are not going anywhere. Everything will remain intact, and users can save places to the list as they wish to.

Android Shutdown of My Maps

Since 2007, Google has offered My Maps for creating custom maps using the data connection to Google Maps or data imported from several other sources. These maps can then be embedded in a website or be shared with others in the form of a link. The latest update to My Maps is now rolling out. However, it seems that Google is preparing to warn that My Maps for Android will get shut down. This will push users to go for the mobile web version of the app.

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