Google to Display the Reason for Search Results to Users

The tech giant Google now revealed the information which gets attached to the search results for displaying its users the reason for getting the website recommendations. It will display such information along with related terms, matching keywords, and other pages that are visible as per the local area. Google unveiled the search algorithm with expectations that displaying results to users will lead to finding better results. The information will also contain few tips for improvement of searches, such as advising to give quotation marks around particular phrases or suggesting precise terms.

When a user starts a Google search, the Google page will show the result along with three vertical dots that will be present in the upper right-hand corner. Upon clicking the dots, a user will be directed to the ‘About this result’ panel. It is the panel where all the information of search is saved. The company initially launched this panel in February. However, the information present there was extremely little. It displayed a Wikipedia highlight about the source of the web page, which showed whether the search result was secure and also highlighted whether it is an organic result or paid advertisement.

Google said that the panels had been utilized more than 100 million times. It also noted that their early data has implied that users are more likely to view these panels while looking for essential information such as health. The most popular information source’s search algorithm is complex to understand, and with the new advancements for better queries, it will become more difficult to understand for the non-tech savvy.

Factors that Google Will Show

Google may provide search terms that will get displayed in the result. It will show the exact terms matched from the query to the content on the web page that is ranked by Google. Matches will not just be the visible content but can also be the words in HTML such as Metadata or title tag. Google can match the exact search query with the terms and also match the related terms to the query. Sites that have the search terms on their links and pages will be listed in the search results of Google.

The search result will also show the images on the page related to the query of people. Google may also provide a language option if one searches for results in a particular language, then it will show search results in that language. Moreover, the results can also be based on the searcher’s location.

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